Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Riesling

Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Riesling

The Leitz EINS-ZWEI-ZERO sparkling offers an original character that is clean and fresh with notes of lime, citrus and a little hint of red apples on an underlying mineral base. The Sparkling Riesling gives you the lifestyle of a mature drink, but without any alcohol. This is a new way to celebrate a more healthy way of living and to enjoy bubbly life. The foundation of this product is our ZERO Riesling and we have added natural carbon dioxide to get the fizz. Due to our idea of a high-quality alternative to champagne we need to make a compromise in the mouthfeel, because we can´t copy the "methode traditionelle", but "Leitz, Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling is elegantly done"


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